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Where Do You Get Help When You Have No Final Expense Insurance?

Thankfully, millions of people these days have adequate cover to pay for all of their funeral expenses, but unfortunately, there are still millions who don’t. Losing a loved one is difficult to cope with at the best of times, but adding to that situation the pressure of finding the money to cover the funeral expenses is for many people, unbearable.

Where Do You Get Help When You Have No Final Expense Insurance

If your loved one dies without some form of final expense insurance or prepaid funeral plan, and you don’t have pots of money in the bank then you will understandably be very worried. It’s important to remember this, it’s not the first time this has happened to someone, and it certainly won’t be the last. There are places where you can go for help or at least advice to point you in the right direction.

Family – remember you’re not in this alone, and very often extended family will be willing to help out once they realize the situation, so if you’ve got a nice big family, (the bigger the better) swallow your pride and ask for help, they might be only too glad to have a whip-round to cover the funeral expenses.

Friends – are another bunch who will probably be only too willing to help if you ask! Even if your family and friends can’t afford the help with the funeral expenses from their own pockets, they might be willing to organize a fundraiser in memory of the deceased to help raise some funds.

Church – now we all know that some people only ever go to Church for weddings and funerals, but even if you’re not a regular in the congregation or a member of the choir they still might be able to help. If they can’t help you themselves in a practical way, they’ll certainly be able to point you in the right direction, like I’ve already said, it’s happened before!

Social Security – can also help in some circumstances, especially if the deceased was already in receipt of social security benefits, or has suffered from a prolonged illness which has made them unable to take care of themselves, let alone provide for their own funeral expenses. To find out whether you qualify for any help from Social Security, contact them on:

Social Security Administration,

Office of Public Enquiries,

Windsor Park Building,

6401 Security Blvd,

Baltimore, MD 21235

800 – 772 – 1213

Remember, funerals are expensive but there are ways of keeping the costs down, so if you don’t manage to raise enough money for an elaborate traditional funeral, you still might be able to pay for a direct cremation which means that the whole affair can still be conducted with dignity and love.

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Most people who are searching online for final expense insurance don’t realize that funeral insurance is essentially life insurance. A very inexpensive way to obtain quality final expense insurance is to get a free life insurance quote.

There is a very simple question to answer as to whether or not you need final expense insurance.

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Final expense insurance (aka funeral insurance) is a basic issue life insurance policy that covers people until they reach 100 years old. Final expense insurance (also known as funeral insurance) is promoted as a way to pay in advance for your funeral expenses so that your loved ones won’t have to pay for your funeral. There are many things you can do to make your death easier on the wallets of those you love. Preplanning your funeral saves money and grief, as well as deciding whether you want to be buried in a casket or cremated and put into and urn, figuring out who gets what part of your estate and all the related turmoil associated with the end of life.