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What to Wear to a Funeral


What to Wear to a Funeral? This is a question that many people attending a memorial service have. Thinking about clothes is the last thing you want to worry about when a loved one has died. Having something ready to go in case of a sudden death and service will help to ease the pain.

What is appropriate, then? Black almost always works (obviously). Be sure you read the funeral information. Some burials will specify all black, but if it isn’t specified, anything dark and respectful should work. You cannot be too conservative. I have heard that dressing like you are attending a job interview is also appropriate in many cases. Again, be sure you read the funeral information before you go.

Sometimes, a person will have a personalized funeral complete with memorial shirts of the deceased. Be sure you wear the shirt to the funeral if that is the case.


Depending on the type of funeral by culture, it is important to know what to wear in these cases.

Jewish Services: Jewish Orthodox services require head coverings for all that attend–yarmulkes for the men and scarves for women. For most Jewish services, head-coverings are required for men.

Muslim Services: Women must wear a headscarf. Because the services are often held in a mosque, you will need to remove your shoes before entering, so make sure your socks match. Neckties are not often worn.

Buddhist Services: White is the color of grieving for Buddhist ceremonies. The family of the deceased will often wear white while the rest of the funeral guests wear darker colors and conservative clothing. Never wear red to a Buddhist service.

What to Wear to a Funeral

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What to Wear to a Funeral

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