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What Should I Consider When Comparing Funeral Prices?

When you start comparing funeral prices from different funeral homes, there are a few things which you really need to look out for. There are some things which you simply can’t get away from, no matter where you go, and some funeral costs which are classed as “optional extras”.

Basic Funeral Costs

There are some costs which you simply have to pay, and the “Funeral Rule” allows for funeral homes to charge these basic services fees. These fees are charged no matter what type of funeral you have:

  • planning the funeral
  • organizing all necessary death certificates and permits
  • preparing all notices
  • housing the remains
  • co-ordinating arrangements between cemetery, crematory and any third parties

Charges for Extra Services

These are the “optional extras” and the charges which can really make a difference on the final funeral invoice. Compare these carefully between funeral providers, you might be surprised at the differences.

  • transporting the remains
  • embalming and dressing the body
  • providing a room for visitations to the deceased in the funeral home
  • staff costs for any graveside service
  • hearse and limousine use
  • casket costs (or alternate container)
  • cremation/interment charges

Money in Advance of Comparing Funeral Prices

Some funeral homes charge in advance for any goods or services which they purchase on your behalf (some just add it on to the final invoice). One thing to watch out for is that some of them simply charge these things out at cost, others add a little on top – either is permitted by the Funeral Rule, but if they do add a bit on top they have to tell you (they don’t, however, have to tell you how much). These goods and services might include such things as:

  • obituary notices
  • clergy
  • flowers
  • pallbearers
  • organist

Calculating the Final Cost

The Funeral Rule states that your funeral provider must give you an itemized list of prices when you are making the arrangements. If they don’t know the exact price of any particular cash advance item then they must give you, in writing, a “good faith estimate” so there really shouldn’t be any nasty surprises.

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comparing funeral prices

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comparing funeral prices

Funeral Burial Insurance Quote

Burial insurance (aka funeral insurance) is a basic issue life insurance policy that covers people until they reach 100 years old. Burial insurance (also known as funeral insurance) is promoted as a way to pay in advance for your funeral expenses so that your loved ones won’t have to pay for your funeral. There are many things you can do to make your death easier on the wallets of those you love. Preplanning your funeral saves money and grief, as well as deciding whether you want to be buried in a casket or cremated and put into and urn, figuring out who gets what part of your estate and all the related turmoil associated with the end of life.