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What Is Involved In Prepaying For A Funeral?

More and more people every year are prepaying for a funeral, an option which millions of Americans have actually taken up already. Whilst laws do vary between the different states there are still one or two things which you need to be absolutely clear about before parting with any of your hard earned cash, after all, you need to be absolutely sure that the money will be available as and when it is needed, and that it will be sufficient to cover all of the costs.

Choosing Prepaying for a Funeral

There are some very important questions which need to be answered before choosing your prepayment funeral plan.

  • What are you actually paying for? Is the money simply reserving the casket or the plot, or does it include the actual cost of the funeral services too?
  • What will happen to the money you’ve paid? This varies from state to state but you need to know that it will be held in a secure place for when you need it.
  • What about any interest which accrues on the money? Who gets that and when?
  • What if the firm you’ve paid your money to goes out of business? Is it transferable?
  • What if you change your mind (maybe you’ve decided to invest in a cryogenics program instead and try your hand at living forever) – is the money refundable?
  • What happens if you die somewhere else? People don’t necessarily die where they’re supposed to. Plenty of people die whilst on vacation, or what if you move to live in a different area – is the fund transferable and will there be an additional cost?

Just one other very important detail which you might not think about – tell somebody what you’ve done! You don’t want to go to all that trouble for nobody to know anything about it and pay again for something completely different do you?

Free Burial Insurance Rate Quote

Most people who are searching online for burial insurance don’t realize that funeral insurance is essentially life insurance. A very inexpensive way to obtain quality burial insurance is to get a free life insurance quote.

There is a very simple question to answer as to whether or not you need burial insurance.

prepaying for a funeral

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prepaying for a funeral

Funeral Burial Insurance Quote

Burial insurance (aka funeral insurance) is a basic issue life insurance policy that covers people until they reach 100 years old. Burial insurance (also known as funeral insurance) is promoted as a way to pay in advance for your funeral expenses so that your loved ones won’t have to pay for your funeral. There are many things you can do to make your death easier on the wallets of those you love. Preplanning your funeral saves money and grief, as well as deciding whether you want to be buried in a casket or cremated and put into and urn, figuring out who gets what part of your estate and all the related turmoil associated with the end of life.