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The Green Burial Costs

Funerals are very expensive things, and with traditional funerals often running up a bill of more than $10,000, there is another way. Green Burial Costs are usually much more manageable.

Green Burial Casket – while a traditional funeral may call for a hardwood casket made from depleting forests across the world, all of those shipping costs to pay for a start off, green burial caskets are much more environmentally friendly and cheaper. A traditional casket can cost thousands of dollars, a cotton shroud or cardboard carton just a few bucks. That makes a big difference for starters.

Green Burial Plots – these still have to be paid for of course, and the price does vary from cemetery to cemetery, but other costs are not necessary. Green graves are generally much shallower than the traditional vault lined graves, and are often hand dug. Concrete grave vaults or liners are not permitted, neither are marble or stone memorials. Planting a tree is a much cheaper option, and how much more satisfying to plant a living memorial to a loved one instead of a cold, carved slab.

Green Burial Funeral Home Costs – embalming is not necessary and generally frowned upon for green burials, after all, why use harmful chemicals to delay the decomposition when you’re trying to do things as naturally as can be. This means that your funeral home expenses will be reduced – no costly embalming to pay for, no visitations or laying out of the body.

Green Burial Service – a service at a green burial is generally a simple and beautiful affair. It is simply a celebration of the life of the deceased, being gently returned to the ground with dignity and love.

Green Burial Costs

Green Burials are a much cheaper option but it’s still important to shop around, you might be surprised at the differences in the prices of different funeral homes, green cemeteries and even the green caskets.

Your funeral insurance or final expense insurance proceeds can be used to pay for a green funeral. See below to receive a free quote.

Green Burial Costs

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