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The Benefits of a Green Cemetery

Some conventional cemeteries do permit green burials, or there are also a growing number of natural burial grounds available. One thing which may be a potential worry to friends and relatives is keeping a record of the exact location of the burial, without a headstone or memorial plaque being put in place. All cemeteries do keep these exact records, often using techniques like GPS. This isn’t fool proof however, and written records are also needed to prevent the technology of GPS from having a “blip” and losing this vital information.

Cemetery laws do require that graves are perpetually maintained, and these laws are in place whether or not a headstone or monument is present. Many families find that by planting a tree, flowers or shrubs close to location of the burial it creates a living memorial whilst helping to establish a habitat, and that’s really what a green burial is all about – creating something natural and beautiful.

Natural burial grounds can actually create a whole new habitat over time, and really help the environment instead of damaging it. One such project, the “Living Churchyard” in England in 1993 actually helped to return owls, voles and many other creatures to a cemetery which hadn’t been there for many years, simply by replacing the neatly mowed cemetery with wildflowers and forage, isn’t that a much nicer idea for a final resting place.

Benefits of a Green Cemetery

Green Burials are also much cheaper than your conventional type of funeral. Although it isn’t nice to think that you’ve made a decision to save a bit of cash at such an emotional time, realistically traditional funerals are extremely expensive – for what – to delay the decomposition of a body and place a memorial stone for the world to see – there is another way you know. Green burials were the past, and now they can be very much the future too.

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Funeral Burial Insurance Quote