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Social Security Final Expense Insurance

If your loved one has paid into Social Security for a minimum of 40 quarters (or roughly 13.5 years), there are two types of Social Security final expense benefits available (including Social Security Final Expense Insurance). When applying for survivor’s benefits, you will need to have the following: birth, death, and marriage certificates, Social Security numbers, and a copy of the deceased’s recent federal income tax return.

The two types of potential Social Security Final Expense insurance benefits are:

  1. Death Benefits: Approximately $255 is given for final expense expenses.This is paid to eligible spouses or dependent children. The survivor of the loved one can complete the necessary form at the local Social Security office, or the funeral director can choose to complete the application and apply the payment directly to the funeral bill.
  2. Survivor’s Benefits: Many types of benefits are available depending on the age and relationship of any survivors. You may be eligible for benefits if you match any of the following circumstances:
  • If your spouse is age 60 or older.
  • If you have a disabled surviving spouse age 50 or older.
  • If your spouse is under 60 and cares for dependent children under 16.
  • If the children of the deceased are under the age of 18 or are disabled.

Social Security Burial Insurance

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Social Security Burial Insurance

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