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Planning My Own Funeral

Planning for my own funeral seems like such a dark thing to do, but when you consider how helpful it is for those who have to bury you, you might just want to reconsider.

Most of us don’t want to think about planning our own funerals, unless we’re in the middle of a very boring meeting or a reprimand with our boss. But when we do take the time out of our busy lives to plan our funerals, we can not only have one less thing on our calendars to handle, but your family and friends can simply grieve for you and not try to think of songs you might want played as the coffin is lowered into the ground.

Planning My Own Funeral

Why Funeral Insurance and Planning Makes Sense

You can begin your own funeral planning process by looking into funeral insurance. This is an insurance policy which will help to cover the expenses of being celebrated and buried. With these licensed insurance sales agent, you will learn what needs to be done in order to handle a funeral and other tasks that need to happen before one can say Rest In Peace. You will be able to plan out your funeral to the second, if you like, making sure that your wishes are immortalized on paper and so that your parents can’t step in and try to plan something else. It happens.

With funeral life insurance, you will begin to make payments on a policy which will cover the costs (including inflation in some cases) of your death. This is going to keep your friends and family as happy as possible when you die and free of extra bills. The truth is that while you might think the government and Social Security is going to foot the bill, this is not the case. They only pay $225, and most modern funerals are at least $5,000. You do the math.

Take a few hours to pick out the coffin or the urn, test it out for size (the coffin, the urn might be trickier) and then settle on a funeral insurance plan that will cover any and all expenses you can think of. Not only can you Rest in Peace, but so can everyone else in your circle of loved ones.