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Planning a Funeral in a Hurry

If you didn’t preplan the funeral, say you need to plan the ceremony in a hurry. Since you don’t want the deceased’s body to be hanging out for too long, you’ll need to start planning a funeral quickly, even if the deceased doesn’t have burial life insurance. Start by looking for a funeral director you trust and sitting down to talk with them. These people, though creepy, know what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, and can help you with any of the icky parts of funerals and death. The funeral director will help you pick out: a ceremony, casket, flowers, plot, etc. They probably have a funeral checklist and a expenses calculator as you talk, helping you to add up the funeral plans.

Once the funeral is scheduled and the funeral director rubs their hands together, it’s time to create an obituary and begin to plan the funeral luncheon, if desired. This will help to give mourners a place to gather after a memorial or church service, plus it will allow the funeral to end on a happier note, and often with alcohol, which makes any death a bit easier to take.