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What Does It Mean To Have No Medical Life Insurance?

No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Death is a sure thing, I don’t care if you’re the worlds healthiest person, you’re still gonna die . . . Sounds harsh I know, but it’s true and you know it. I remember many years ago when my father in law got a real telling off from his doctor – overweight, smoking, little or no exercise – there’s no wonder he had high blood pressure. The doctor’s husband who was, in her own words, ” a very busy man”, still made the time to exercise regularly and should be an example to us all, unfortunately, he dropped dead whilst out jogging a couple of weeks later, and my father in law is still going strong some twenty years later, albeit a little lighter and without the cigarettes. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t take her advice to lead a healthy lifestyle, but you do see the moral of the story don’t you?

No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Many life insurance policies are available without you having to take a medical exam. You will probably have to answer a few questions to make sure that you qualify:

  • Age
  • Any previous medical history
  • Level or type of cover required

Many fixed term life insurance policies don’t pay out for the first couple of years anyway, so they’re sure to get at least two years worth of premiums out of you before they have to pay up.

No medical life insurance policies do generally have lower payouts than those policies which demand an all singing, all dancing examination – incidentally, I took out a life insurance policy whilst I was seven months pregnant and needed to have a medical examination – it did cause a few problems when they asked me to step onto the scales and have my waist measured – I had to insist that I wasn’t planning on being that heavy for much longer, and maybe they should take my word for it and come back in a few months to complete the rest of the form.

No medical life insurance policies are a great way to make sure that your loved ones won’t be left with financial worries if you pass away, but don’t be tempted to omit any truths from the form. If you do have any medical conditions or details which you don’t mention then it can invalidate your insurance which makes it a complete waste of time.

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