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National Security

The National Security Group is an Elba, Alabama-based company that was founded in 1947. It currently offers term life insurance for customers who live in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas, and Florida. The company’s website doesn’t specify whether or not it offers final expense or burial insurance, though term life insurance is available and is commonly used for final expense purposes. You can contact a National Security agent using the information at the close of this document to obtain further information.

Can I add more final expense insurance later?

The ability to add more money to your burial insurance payout depends on your insurance company and the language of your original insurance policy. Some policies permit it while others do not, so your best bet is to review your original documentation and/or speak with an insurance agent to determine your eligibility. If you have become seriously ill or if your life expectancy has decreased dramatically since you obtained your insurance, you will likely not be able to add additional funds to your death benefit payout. Each case is different, though, so be sure to speak with a representative from your insurance company as soon as possible.

How do I obtain a life insurance quote?

The fastest way to obtain a life insurance quote is usually through the website of the providing insurance company. Many companies have sections of their site that are expressly designed to provide you a quote within minutes of you providing your personal information. Those sites that lack instant quote features normally list a toll-free telephone number that you can call to speak with an agent. During this call, you may have to answer some health-related questions in order for the agent to determine which policy best fits your needs.

Whether you use an online quote form or you speak with an agent, you should come prepared with personal information including your full name and address, your basic health information, and the type of policy and the amount of death benefits that you seek. Burial insurance rates depend on your age, your sex, your health, your location, and the type of policy you need.

How do I find the most affordable rate?

Finding the most affordable rate may take some time. The best way to do it is by speaking to representatives from the companies in your local area as well as companies in other locales that service remote customers. You should obtain a quote from each company, which will include an estimated monthly or annual premium amount based on your answers to various health-related questions.

How to get started

If you are already a National Security Group insurance customer, you should contact your local office and inquire about a final expense policy. If you are a prospective customer, you can obtain a quote and start the application process on the firm’s website. You may also shop for policies using our comparison tool by clicking on the following link.

Financial Strength Ratings

AM Best – B+, Stable outlook
Moody’s – Not rated
Standard & Poor – Not rated

Company contact info

The National Security Group
PO Box 703
661 East Davis Street
Elba, Alabama 36323
(800) 239-2358