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Is There an Age Cap on Final Expense Insurance?

Is There An Age Cap on Final Expense Insurance?

Final Expense Insurance has to have an age cap, you see, insurance companies like the odds to be in their favor, and the older you are the sooner you are statistically expected to die, which for them means less premium payments before they have to cough up. Many final expense insurance policies are available up to the age of 75, some of them might offer coverage up to the age of 80 but after that it’s pretty likely that you’re going to die quite soon wouldn’t you think?

Prepaid Funerals are one alternative which you can look into if you’ve left it a little late to sort out your final expense insurance. The best advice is to sort these things out earlier in life (although I do understand that it might be a little late for some people!)

Having said all that, the best way to determine the cost for funeral insurance is to receive a free quote.

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