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Interment Burial Factors

Though the funeral planning process is never easy, knowing what the interment burial factors are ahead of time can make the arrangements all the easier for you to make.

Just when you though funeral planning was easy, the funeral director hands you the menu of services. And your eyes pop out of your head. Who knew there were so many things you could do with a dead body? The burial options are astounding. And if the decreased hasn’t done you the favor of making a funeral plan or buying burial insurance, you might be on your own as to what to choose and what to plan.

The Many Options for Interment Burial

When money is a problem and a budget burial is something you want to consider, cremation is going to be the best choice. For around $800, you can have a body cremated and pick up the ashes to do with as you wish, assuming you’re not breaking any laws along the way.

You might also want to consider various interment burial options: at a family tomb, a mausoleum, a green burial, or another memorial location. This is basically when the body is placed into a specific area to be buried – in a tomb, in the ground, or in another location. A bit more expensive, these burial options are for those who might want to have a specific place to stop to visit a deceased loved one–and who have money to spend on the privilege.

If you want to bury your loved one at sea, be ready for a challenge. This is something which is generally reserved for those in the military or who were in the military at one point. If not, you might just need to sneak that urn of ashes onto a boat and do it yourself.

And finally, if you’re not ready to put your loved one in the ground or you think they might want to live on in other people, body donation to science is always an option. Yes, you can actually donate your body to science so that researchers and med students can pick at your skin and cut you open long after you’ve died. After all, you’re not using your body anymore, why just let it rot in the ground?

Some people are shooting their ashes into space as well, but it costs big bucks to ride into the universe, so this is not all that popular yet. Funny enough.