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How Do I Buy or Get Burial Insurance For Terminally Ill People?

How Do I Buy or Get Burial Insurance For Terminally Ill?

The fact is that we’re all going to die, there’s really no escape from it, it’s just a matter of time. When you have a pre-existing condition, it dramatically impacts the costs for funeral insurance. Use the obligation-free quote form below to see what costs are associated with final expense insurance.

Guaranteed Issue Burial Insurance doesn’t require you to have any medical examination at all, so that could be the answer – however . . . (there’s always a catch isn’t there?), many of these burial insurance policies will not pay out anything for the first two years of the policy, and sometimes only a partial payment will be made in the following two years so it really depends on how far this terminal illness has gone. To take out one of these policies and have someone die within that time would just be a big fat waste of cash.

Burial Insurance For Terminally Ill

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