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Green Burial

What is a Green Burial?

A Green Burial is a way of caring for the dead in a simple, environmentally friendly way. It aims to have the minimum impact on the environment, reduce carbon emissions, protect the health of workers and work towards preserving or even restoring habitats.

What are Eco-Friendly Funeral Caskets and Vaults

Traditional funeral caskets are often made of rare hardwood from rapidly depleting forests, not very environmentally friendly at all is it? Add to that the cost to the environment of transporting the wood, the potentially harmful glues and other “ingredients” which go to make these caskets, or the tons of concrete and/or steel used in vaults – surely there’s anothe rway. Eco-friendly funeral caskets are made from sustainable, bio-degradable materials, often recycled and aimed at helping the body to decompose quickly and naturally. We’re talking cardboard, reeds, even cotton shrouds.

Should I Embalm?

Embalming fluid can be dangerous stuff, especially for the funeral directors who are doing the embalming and potentially the earth and water supply as the embalmed body eventually begins to decompose. Given that the whole idea of a green burial is to promote the return of the body to the earth as quickly and naturally as possible, what do you think. Should you embalm?

What are the Benefits of a Green Cemetery?

There’s an ever growing number of cemeteries which offer green burials these days, offering numerous benefits for all concerned. You can feel the benefits in your pocket, as well as see them in the environment and habitat which is often created or sustained. Find out more about the benefits of a green cemetery.

Will Burial Insurance Pay for a Green Funeral?

In a word, yes. Burial insurance is to pay for your funeral, and if you want it to pay for a green funeral then that’s completely your choice.

What Are The Costs For a Green Burial?

As with everything else in life, costs for a green funeral do vary, but don’t be afraid to shop around a little. One thing’s for sure, it’s a real saving on a traditional funeral – both to your pocket and to the environment.

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