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Great Western

Great Western Insurance Company is licensed in 46 states as well as the District of Columbia. The firm specializes in pre-need insurance and prearranged funeral planning. It offers burial insurance in the form of its Guaranteed Assurance plan. The company guarantees coverage regardless of your health, and will not cancel your coverage unless premiums go unpaid. No health underwriting or medical exams are required. Unlike some companies, Great Western doesn’t publicize its coverage amounts on its website, so you’ll need to contact the company using the information at the end of this document to determine if its coverage is right for you.

Why choose term life insurance?

Term life insurance is coverage that is provided for a certain length of time. Final expense insurance, also called burial insurance, is a type of term life insurance. It usually features lower monthly or annual premiums than standard life insurance, since it is designed for end-of-life situations and is usually of a shorter term than standard life insurance. Term life burial insurance usually pays cash to the policy beneficiary, provided that the policyholder pays all premiums and surpasses the length-of-coverage stipulations in the policy.

How do I obtain a term life insurance quote?

The quickest way to obtain a term life insurance estimate is to request one on the website of your preferred insurance company. Most companies present their quote interface prominently on their websites, with some requiring nothing more than a single mouse click. You may also have to sign up for an account on the company’s website, as well as provide personal and billing information (such as your address and phone number), and answers to various health-related questions. These questions allow the insurance company to see which plans you are qualified to purchase, as well as determine your premium rates.

Rates are calculated based on where you live, any health issues you may have, your age, your sex, and the length and type of policy that you wish to purchase.

How do I find the most affordable rate?

The surest method for finding an affordable burial insurance policy is by talking to the insurance companies in your local area. You’ll want to call, visit them in person, or visit their website as described above. The more quotes from different companies that you can obtain, the better your chances of finding a low rate combined with a plan that meets your particular insurance needs.

How to get started

If you are already a Great Western insurance customer, you should contact your local office and inquire about a final expense policy. If you are a prospective customer, you can obtain a quote and start the application process on Great Western’s website or by contacting the company using the information listed below. You may also shop for policies using our comparison tool by clicking on the following link.

Financial Strength Ratings

AM Best – B++, Stable outlook
Moody’s – B3, Not on watch
Standard & Poor – Not rated

Company contact info

Great Western Insurance Company
3434 Washington Blvd, Suite 300
Ogden, Utah 84401
(866) 689-1415