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Burial Pre Planning Checklist

A burial pre planning checklist checklist will quickly allow you to see what you still need to find in a final expense insurance policy or a final expense insurance plan.

Checklists are wonderful things. Instead of having to think about your funeral, you can simply check off the funeral preplanning checklist and you’re done with this task of death. Of course, you’ll still need to die at some point, but they never seem to put that on the list. Huh, wonder why?

Let’s make death and all of its details a little easier on you and on your family:

  • Do you want a casket or an urn?
  • Do you want to be cremated?
  • Do you want to be embalmed or not?
  • Do you want a grave liner?
  • Do you want a burial vault?
  • Do you want a grave marker? Headstone? Rolling stone?
  • Do you want flowers at the funeral?
  • Do you want music at the funeral? What kind?
  • Do you want a mass at your funeral? What kind?
  • Do you want a hearse? Other funeral vehicle?
  • Who do you want digging/filling your grave?
  • Where do you want to be buried?

These are a lot of things to think about, and they all come with a price tag. Start by figuring out what you want and then talking to the final expense insurance companies in your area. This way, you can start haggling over what’s covered and what’s not, which might just plan your funeral for you. After all, if the policy is only going to cover $10,000 in funeral expenses, that’s all you should include in your funeral preplanning.