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Funeral Planning Saves Money and Grief

Taking the time for funeral planning saves money and grief during a time when you simply don’t want any more pain or suffering in your life.

Funerals certainly are morbid affairs, aren’t they? All that talk about death, blah, blah. What a downer. But if you think you’re doing to die someday, it might be a good idea to think about funeral planning today (see our funeral planning checklist). Funeral planning saves money and grief for those who have to sit at your funeral and listen to that awful eulogy from your second cousin, twice removed.

Funeral Planning Saves Money

When people are mourning you, they aren’t thinking about how much it’s going to cost to bury you. They’re just listening to the funeral director and nodding, just as the director wants them to. But when you have a final expense insurance plan or funeral life insurance in place, you can save your loved ones money–you’ll have already paid for everything ahead of time. Sure, the funeral homes are supposed to provide lists of their expenses, but it’s hard to see those lists when you’re dealing with death, you know.

At the same time, your loved ones might feel like they need to spend more in order to really show they care (not that you’re going to notice). So, when you plan your funeral ahead of time, you can call the shots and prevent them from buying the titanium casket. Plus, who wants to haggle over prices with a funeral director? No one.

Instead, you can do the bargain hunting now while you’re alive and save them the hassle buy securing a sweet deal on a coffin and a plot–two for the price of one!

Funeral Planning Saves Grief

And while you’re trying to help your friends and family through what will be a difficult time, final expense insurance and planning also helps you be at ease. You don’t have to have another worry on your mind if you are sick or if you have a contract hit out on you. You can just know that your loved ones won’t have to deal with anything but their grief when it’s time for you to kick off.

Of course, you’re also saving your friends and family the grief of a $6,000 bill, sometimes more.