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First Things First

Assuming that you’re not standing right over the body right now–and if you are, call 911 or the funeral home and the coroner’s office to get that body to the morgue–you will want to find the will that the deceased has created. You need to get the real version, not the photocopy in your pocket. These wills are usually filed with lawyers or they might be placed in the top drawer of a dresser in the house of the deceased. In this will, you might find details about the final expense insurance they’ve chosen or if they’ve pre-planned their funeral. If this is the case, you’re all set and you can let the funeral parlor know. When the deceased hasn’t planned their funeral, guess what you need to do?

Let the other loved ones know they need to plan a funeral too. You might want to call up everyone the deceased is close to and let the news of their death spread around. If there’s a gossip in the family, call them first as they will then call everyone else for you, saving you time and cell phone minutes.