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Death & Funerals In Movies

Death & Funerals in the Movies

There’s nothing funny about death and funerals in movies, but of course, some film makers don’t realize that. Some of these movies definitely hit the funny bone . . .

Death at a Funeral

Now, I can’t pretend that I’ve been to many funerals (fortunately), but I have certainly never been to a funeral like this, and I’m pretty sure that you haven’t either. This 2007 black comedy (in more ways than one) brings together your average dysfunctional family to pay their last respects to the family patriarch. Did I say average, there’s certainly nothing average about this family, the whole occasion soon turns into a real fiasco with more than it’s fair share of resentment and bitterness all mixed in with attempted blackmail and some pretty scandalous revelations. It’s absolutely hilarious . . . I know that every family has it’s own “odd characters” but this family is riddled with them. Not to be missed . . . .

Four Weddings And A Funeral

Remember this 1994 classic? Ever seen it? Okay, I know that technically speaking it’s more about weddings than funerals, but believe me, the funeral is much more memorable. One of the guests has the misfortune to die of a heart attack whilst attending a wedding in a Scottish Castle, I mean, talk about stealing the thunder . . . how very inconsiderate. The comedy element of this one is much more subtle than the crazy film above . . . and they swear a lot!

Wedding Crashers

Here we go again, this movie is about crashing weddings to find young, unattached single ladies, but when one of the wedding crashers gives it all up for love, the other one (Owen Wilson) looks out the innovator of the whole technique, Chazz (Will Ferrell) who has moved on to crashing funerals . . . “grief is nature’s most powerful aphrodisiac” . . well, it works for Chazz anyway.

Meet The Browns

Single Mom Brenda has been struggling for years to support her growing family, and when she loses her job she really starts to lose hope . . . until she receives a letter to tell her that the father she never met has died, and decides to go, along with the kids to the funeral. Of course, at the funeral she is also introduced to plenty of crazy family members she didn’t even know existed. A whole new world opens up with some hilarious consequences . . .

Live and Let Die

Couldn’t really write this page without including a scene from my very favorite James Bond film. Of course, all of these films have plenty of deaths, but this funeral march at the beginning of the movie is classic . . . “Whose funeral is it?” – “Yours”.

The Big Lebowski

This hilarious Coen Brothers movie from 1998 features John Goodman (Walter Sobchak) and Jeff Bridges (Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski, as well as possibly the laziest guy in LA) in a fast moving plot packed with intrigue, extortion, deception, double crossing, embezzlement, pot, sex and a whole lot more, all because of a little mistaken identity! Somewhere along the way in this fantastic movie, their bowling buddy Donny (Steve Buscemi) dies, and the end scene where they are scattering the ashes of the mild mannered ex-surfer is priceless. The consistent theme of the movie . . . they’d rather be bowling!

20 Funerals

There’s nothing funny about this action packed police drama, but there are more funerals than you can shake a stick it so it would not be ignored. The story is basically about four police officers who struggle to deal with the murder of one of their colleagues. Pretty soon they resort to upholding not the law, but their own moral code. Determined to take these killers off the streets . . . but is the answer really to become such killers themselves?

Scary Movie 3

But this one definitely is funny. You certainly wouldn’t want these guys at your loved ones funeral would you, no sireeee . . . In this third edition of the “Scary Movies” Cindy is needed to investigate crop circles as well as helping the President to prevent an alien invasion. It’s all scary stuff . . . enjoy.

The Other Guys

This funeral scene is definitely one of the funniest in the whole film (not saying that there aren’t other funny bits, there are plenty of those). Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are a couple of mis-matched cops, one has, well, let’s just say that he’s made a lot of mistakes and the other one won’t take any risks, not surprising then that they’ve been relegated to taking care of the paperwork. One high profile case can change all that, as they must work through their differences to shine at last . . .

Johnny English

Sorry, but I couldn’t find a clip which just showed the hilarious funeral scene from this fantastic 2003 spoof spy thriller, so you’ll just have the watch the movie. The only way that the hapless Johnny English can ever become a spy is if all of the other spies are dead, and when all of the others are killed at the funeral of a British spy, then it’s up to Johnny English to save his country . . . classic. “He knows no fear. He knows no danger. In fact, he knows absolutely nothing”

The Funeral
Set in NYC during the 1930’s, this 1996 movie tells the story of a powerful crime family which is caught in the crossfire between brutal corporate bosses and union organizers. This plunges the family into deadly confrontations with their enemies as well as each other. In terms of madness, violence and murder this is one of the greatest funerals in movies . . . watch it!

Funerals In Movies

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