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Cremation Costs and Considerations

Director Explaining Cremation Costs

Should You Consider Cremation Costs?

Should you be cremated? Once you learn of the cremation costs and considerations, you can make a more informed and educated decision about cremation.

‘Ashes to ashes’ isn’t just a song you can sign to yourself in the shower when no one is looking–it’s a way you can handle your remains after you die. No one wants to think about death, but instead of leaving your relatives to fight over the possibilities, maybe you should make the cremation decision now, while you’re still alive to explain it to others in your family. Then they can fight out it in front of you, not when you’re looking down on them from Heaven or the next life or whatever you believe in.

Why Others are Being Cremated

If you want to succumb to peer pressure, you might want to look at why so many others are being turned into dust after their death. First things first, since you’re going to be dead, many people don’t really care what happens to their body. And cremation is cheap, so is makes sense to choose that over a more expensive and elaborate funeral procession. The ashes also take up less space, so there are lower interment and burial fees as well. Your loved ones always liked a bargain (around $800) when you were alive, but they will appreciate your thrift even more after you are gone; after all, who wants to spend over $5,000 on a funeral? Even your loved ones don’t love you that much.

Cremation is fast and it’s also environmentally appropriate for those hippies out there. (Well, the pollution from crematoriums is debatable.) You’re not going to take up a lot of room when you’re put into the ground or scattered across the water, so you’re not damaging the earth or taking up valuable land space.

Being cremated is cool and more and more people are doing it. In fact, in Japan, nearly 98% of their many millions of people are cremated upon death, so it must be a good idea. Also, look into our new page on green funerals for why cremation might be right for you!

Why You Might Not Want to Turn to Ash

You might want to be placed in coffin where you can be viewed during a wake or memorial service. That takes embalming fluid, which is not used before a straight cremation–and it’s very expensive. But it is necessary for a viewing. Oh, decisions, decisions.