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How To Save Money On A Funeral And Avoid Traps

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Funerals are a growing industry as the baby boomers age across the United States (the death rate begins to catch up). Since the death rate is growing, funeral prices are starting to outpace inflation.

Most families plan a funeral only once every 15 years. They may be shocked to find out that the typical funeral now runs more than $7,000 and that many will face funeral services topping $10,000.

These rising funeral prices can be a greater burden for the average family who is already struggling with high food prices and high gas prices. The economy has made it difficult for Americans to manage the financial toll due to high funeral costs.

More families are able to better control funeral expenses thanks to a new line of professions. These new professionals can give families a helpful financial lifeline when facing one of life’s most stressful events.

A person can access this profession by looking up “funeral accountant”. While this is a relatively rare occupation, a funeral accountant is a certified public accountant that helps families reduce their funeral expenses. By working with a funeral accountant, people are often able to reduce their funeral expenses by 50% and sometimes more. This can save a family thousands of dollars.

Some Strategies for Reducing Costs

A few simple strategies can be followed for any family that wants or needs to greatly reduce the high price of funeral or cremation services.

1. Calculate what funeral or cremation options and prices are available in your area. By familiarizing yourself with local offerings this will allow you to compare prices and services so you can find what you need at the most reasonable price.

2. Figure out which funeral services and goods are required and which are optional. Not knowing can cause a large majority of families to pay for items that they didn’t want and that they weren’t even required to buy. The families bought what the funeral director told them they “needed” to buy simply because many funeral directors now work on a commission basis. The more you buy, the more funeral directors make. So, most funeral homes are not likely to offer you the lower price options or don’t point out items that you don’t really need.

3. Investigate who also sells the funeral goods that you might need to buy. By knowing the other alternatives this will give you the tools you need to negotiate a discount from the local funeral home. Knowing how much things should cost and where the items can be found at a better price can motivate your funeral director to reduce their prices to keep the sale.