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Associated Cost of Funerals

While no one wants to think about death, even fewer of us want to think about what it costs. There are costs associated with a funeral or a burial.

Death costs money–what a brilliant market. Since everyone is going to die, it’s a business that never suffers. But just because death and dying costs money doesn’t mean you need to sit there and take it. By learning now about the costs associated with a funeral or a burial, you can start look into final expense insurance and how it can help to cover these costs so your loved ones aren’t pulling out their life savings just to pay for your funeral.

Before you die, you need to figure out how much it’s going to cost in order to see if you can afford it–and if your loved ones can pay up. These costs include everything from the transportation of the body, the embalming, the cremation, the preparation room, the visitation room, the reception area, the church, the chapel, the funeral limousine, cars for the family members, the flowers, the decorations, the funeral home use, the vault, the urn, prayer cards, programs, grave markers, etc. And don’t forget about the obituary, the honorariums, the headstone, the staff, the equipment…

With all of these costs, you can easily see why the cost of funerals, on average, around $6,000. These are pricey affairs that are certainly once in a lifetime events, thankfully.

To help defray these costs, you might want to keep a little extra money in your bank accounts or in a sock drawer, or even better try to work out a burial plan beforehand. But it’s easier and a better policy to look into final expense insurance to cover many of the costs. This way, you can rest in peace without resting in debt.