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Are There Government Grants for Veteran’s Burial Costs?

There are grants available which help veterans of the armed forces towards their burial costs (information according to These do vary depending on where and how the veteran died, and where the veteran is going to be buried.

Veteran Burial Grants

  • Veterans are entitled to a free burial and grave marker in a national cemetery, however, if the veteran is to be buried somewhere other than a national cemetery then the grants will pay only $300 towards the cost of the burial.
  • If the veteran died of a service-related injury or disability, however, the grant could be as much as $2000.
  • Other allowances are available under special circumstances – for example – if the veteran died in a Veteran Affairs hospital grants are available for the payment of transport of the remains.

More Information on Veteran Burial Grants

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs is responsible for administering these grants, so contact them for more information on eligibility:

US Department of Veterans Affairs

810 Vermont Ave. NW

Washington, DC 20420

800 – 827 – 1000

Let’s be honest, funerals don’t come cheap at the best of times so if you or a member of your family is entitled to a grant then you owe it to yourselves to find out all about it. What are you waiting for?

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